Telo, god of the Seas, Rivers, and Storms

Telos, like his sister Jophion, is a shapeshifter god. However he is often pictured as some gargantuan sea creature, usually a eel, sea horse, or octopus.

Of all the goods he is viewed as the most territorial and greedy. He views everything in the waters as his property and will fight to keep. He is also the most temperamental. One day he will bless you with a bountiful catch from the sea the next he will smash your ship on the rocks.

His followers and worshippers tend to live in the moment, and because of this there are very little ceremonies and rituals to Telos. Sailors who follow Telos are very ‘superstitious’, like marking those who angered Telos with a black spot, or, in a more extreme case, if your ship is dead in the water with no wind a sacrifice needs to be payed to the god of the depths.

There is an account of Telos’ adventures before accepting his responsibility as a god. In this tome, he sailed every sea in existence and harnessed the power of the storm. He fought ancient gods of old and brought great monsters to heel.

He is not in opposition to any god. If they need him on his side, they need only to pay the right price.

Telo, god of the Seas, Rivers, and Storms

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