Rubicon, god of War, Destruction, and Ambition

Rubicon is normally seen as powerful warrior and general, wearing blood colored armor. Many believe him to be filled with rage and a deep desire to see a good fight.

Long ago, he was more controlled. He lead the gods armies to battle and easily defeated any army that stood against him. He even wrote down the Rules of War to keep war from getting out of hand. Such rules as “A true soldier will never harm a civilian.” and “prisoners of war are to be treated fairly.” or “pillaging is a waste.” Yet over their millennia and his numerous battles against demons, devils, Fey, and elder gods, a madness began to take hold. Whether this madness came from an enemy or just from the constant wars is unclear, but its effects were the contrary. Rubicon began to twist the original laws he set down and even amended a few. Such as “there are no true civilians, only spies” or “pillaging is a waste, unless you can deny the enemy the supplies or give them to your own forces.”

Rubicon began to seek conflict and enemies. And now sees potential threats everywhere.

He stands in opposition to almost every god, believing them to be his enemies or traitors in waiting.

Rubicon, god of War, Destruction, and Ambition

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