Randall, god of Luck, Chance, Commerce, and Gambling

Randall is probably one of the most misunderstood gods in the pantheon. There are too many variations of his persona to narrow it down. Usually he is pictured as human, until you ask a dwarf, who will adamantly say he is one of his own.

Although he is a god of chance, he is generally viewed as well meaning and good natured. Although some will say he is focal and greedy. Those who follow him, tend to be unconcerned if fate tends to go against them. They then make prayers and offerings to Randall in hopes to change their luck. Other followers will ask for a blessing from Randall when starting a new business venture. While some will curse his name at a roulette table. He is viewed as a god with a wicked sense of humor.

Legends tell that Randall became a god simply by chance. How exactly, is disputed. Some believe he made a deal with a devil of a card game. Other believe he stumbled upon a genie in a bottle. A small few believe he saved a god against a old one. To his followers it doesn’t matter, what does matter is how his dice tend to roll.

He is opposition to no one. He prefers to let his dice decided who he sided with.

Randall, god of Luck, Chance, Commerce, and Gambling

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