Pugphy, goddess of Vengeance

Pugphy is seen a dark and beautiful woman who is cunning and devious. She has a quick tempered but once she calms down she is very patient. She teaches that time heals all wounds, especially if you wait for the perfect moment to strike. She uses her guile and beauty to get the revenge she so longs for.

Long ago Pugphy’s domain extended far beyond what it currently holds. Many of the gods believed that she was becoming greedy and was corrupting some of her domains. So many of the gods forced her to yield some of her domain. She and her children resisted but could not stand against the combined might of so many gods. Many of her followers believe her to be simply biding her time and plotting to regain her former power and revenge.

Her followers are surprisingly numerous, as both dwarven kingdoms and the dark elves worship her. On the individual level Pugphy’s followers tend to be very patient and bit arrogant.

Pugphy has had a few lovers of the millennia, including the god Rubicon. She has three powerful children Arachnia, Scorpius and Dissent.

She is not in open opposition to any of the gods but many believe her to be working against many of the gods particularly Odes and Hidum.

Pugphy, goddess of Vengeance

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