Odes, god of Law and Judgement

Odes is almost always depicted the same way. A tall figure in black regal robes of a magistrate, with a long wig of those who hold such offices, yet his face is never seen. Some depiction show him with a sword. Odes is stern, rigid, and unyielding in his commitment to the Law. He uses the Counsels to represent both sides of a case, and after a trail Odes presents his Judgment. Now just because he is uncompromising in the letter of the law, this does not mean he is completely uncaring as many of the laws in the Mortal realm were originally created by Odes.

Odes has presided over many trials and passed judgment on the gods themselves. It was Odes who sent Pugphy out of his domain for her actions and sent Hidum to enforce this. He was also the one who sentenced The Elder to eternal imprisonment and asked Telos to apprehend it. He is fear and respected throughout the Heavens and even in the Nine Hells.

His followers tend to be among the ranks of various lawmakers, and upholders of the law such as Judges, and City Watchmen. There are few churches or temples dedicated to him, but his followers treat every courthouse as his personal holy ground.

He is not in opposition to any god, but will act as an advisor to those who seek his legal counsel. However many of the other gods find him difficult to work with due to his unbending commitment to the Law. Nydra finds many of his qualities inspiring and is constantly trying to get his attention, yet he seems uninterested entirely. A few find him gods find him just as manipulative as the worst devils.

Odes, god of Law and Judgement

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