Nydra, goddess of Hope, Love, and Society

Current interpretation of her varies as some see her as an elf while others view her as a human, this has led to many picturing her as a beautiful half-elf. She is known to be impulsive, loving, and the goddess that shows the most concern for the mortal realm. This concern is not solely for her worshipers but everyone in the mortal realm. She is one of the most worshiped gods in gromlin.

Legends tell that she still walks among the mortal realm, taking the form a beautiful woman of lower class. Anyone who spends time speaking with her, finds themselves filled with confidence and cheer. Legends also say that she is also the most promiscuous of the gods, she has many children of otherworldly nature and mortals.

Many seek her blessings in weddings and when a new child is born. Her temples cover Realon and Selwen.

Nydra is not in direct conflict with any of the gods but does stand against a few in defense of the mortal realms, such as Mahdis, Pugphy, and Rubicon. She does has a strong friendship with Hidum and Cebrella. She does have a strong affection for Odes, however it is not returned.

Nydra, goddess of Hope, Love, and Society

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