Mahdis, god of undeath, Secrets, and Dark magic

When pictured, Mahdis is shown as a figure in dark robes with nothing but shadows underneath the cowl. His origins are unclear, some believe him to have been a very powerful lich who somehow devoured the old god of death, while others believe him to be a spawn of The Darkness. He is not worshiped openly in Gromlin with the exception of Plutoria, yet even there it is dealt with carefully.

His followers in general are creatures of the dark and those who wish to dominate. There are necromantic cults dedicate themselves to him. Some powerful wizards study his teaching in hopes to learn the secrets of Lichdom.

Long ago Mahdis broke in the Emos’ great library and stole many of his tomes. Mahdis corrupted the very nature of these divine books and infused them with his own essence, then dispersed them throughout the world. For what reason remains unclear, but these books are extremely powerful but come at an extreme cost.

Mahdis is a god of no friends or allies. Emos and Praemark are in constant struggle against Mahdis as he tries to expanded his domain.

Mahdis, god of undeath, Secrets, and Dark magic

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