Jophion, goddess of Nature, Beasts, and the Hunt

Unlike many of the gods who are pictured as humanoids, Jophion is often pictured as a ravenstag. This is just one of her forms as she is a shapeshifter. She is highly intelligent and clever.

She is worshiped by a variety of different people, everyone from Druids, to hunters, to farmers. Those that do follower her tend to be very patient and accepting of natural tragedies, viewing it as the order of life.

There are many festivals and ceremonies held in her honor in more Druidic cultures many of which are also observed by farming communities.

Those that wrong her or anything under her protection, will soon find themselves on the wrong side of a hunt. She will have her servants snatch the offender and bring them to her realm, where she will take great delight and time with her prey.

She is in opposition with Rubicon as he only wishes to destroy. She is the elder sister to Telos.

Jophion, goddess of Nature, Beasts, and the Hunt

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