Izmus, god of Life and Death

Pictured as a woman in a tattered cloak with a dark mist billowing from underneath the garment and a death mask upon her face. She is a mysterious figure amongst the pantheon. Most of her followers claim she stands against necromancy, but legends exist that tell of her bringing back people to fight against her enemies. Some believe that she is manipulative, while others believe she is protecting the world from worse things that can be imagined.

Her followers tend to have a morbid sense of humor when it comes to death. They also are accused of being tackles about the loss of loved ones, seeing death as an inevitability. Her followers tend to respect the balance of life and death. However a small few believe, that they may be able to bargain with her to extend their mortal lives.

There are stories throughout the world of granting life to fallen to continue their fight. In Plutoria, many of the commoners believed the Emperor to be a lover of hers.

She uses her Reapers to help escort the many souls from their moment of death to the next life, whichever that may be.

It is unknown if she is working with or against other members of the pantheon.

Izmus, god of Life and Death

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