Ibros, god of Science, Medicine, Arts, and Progress

Probably one of the most difficult gods to comprehend, Ibros is depicted as a doctor with a plague mask or a patron of a theatre wearing an opera mask. Ibros has few temples dedicated to his worship yet most universities and schools have a small shrine dedicated to him. He is a very driven god who is always focused on his next invention, experiment, or project. This leaves him with very little time for relationships with the other gods or even his followers.

Some believe that Ibros was responsible for building some of the more iconic structures in the world such as the bridges over the Nectar river.

Many of the more common folk believe he is a cold and uncaring god, but his followers say he has high standards for his worshippers, only helping the most gifted of his devotees. Ibros then sends one of his daughters, Clarity, Muse, and Inspiration, to give the worshipers the help they need.

He is not in opposition to any one god, but he finds a few to reckless or dangerous. Rubicon, Mahdis, Praemark, and Randall.

Ibros, god of Science, Medicine, Arts, and Progress

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