Hidum, god of the Dawn, and Honor

Seen a holy warrior in shining armor and wielding a sword made from sun rays. He defends the weak against the wicked. Legend say he was once a paladin of the goddes of creation,Cebrella. In a climatic battle against an ancient evil that threaten the gods themselves, he was risen to godhood. Cebrella saw Hidum immense devotion to her and married him. He swore to protect her creation and the mortals living in it for all time.

He is seen a protector in dark times. His followers are a mix of many people and races. His followers tend to stand for what is just and fair. They are some groups dedicated to him that seek to shine his light to drive away the darkness and evil cults.

He is in direct opposition with Mahdis and Rubicon. Hidum has long batttled with Rubicon over matters of honor, and although Hidum will fight against him, the two have earn each others respect. Mahdis is nothing more than a filthy creature.

It unclear but many believe that Jophion and Telos are children of Hidum and Cebrella.

Hidum, god of the Dawn, and Honor

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