Ether, goddess of Prophecy and fates

Depicted as a matronly women, she is the wife of Emos. Long ago, Ether discovered that many of Emos’ tomes could contain things which have not happen in the mortal realms. She suggested that many such books could be used to help the mortals, but Emos disagreed. Saying that foreknowledge is dangerous, he forbade Ether from divulging any information from his books to the mortals and locked his library. She could not stand by and let the mortals suffer if she could help. So she sneaks into the library and steals some of the books to help her followers. When she is unable to get a book she reads what she can and connects the dots hoping that it will still help.

Women, particularly mothers tend to be followers of Ether, seeking to help their children’s future as much as possible. However it is unknown if she has any children herself.

She is also worshiped by magic users, political figures, and even mathematicians. They see her as a impressive woman of immense intelligence.

She is in direct opposition to Rubicon, god of destruction as he wishes to see it all burn.

Ether, goddess of Prophecy and fates

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