Emos, god of Time and History

He is pictured as an elderly scholar who is constantly chronicling the passage of time in one his many tomes. He hoards his books like a miser holds coin. Each book a precious piece in his collection. His wife is Ether, goddess of Prophecy. Some believe the two to be estranged.

He is often seen as a fair if uncaring god. Those who try to change history or hide artifacts for their own gain are looked on poorly. One of the greatest desires of the followers of Emos is to discover the secrets of the Colonization Wars and the time before hand. They are also against the laws currently in place that forbid such knowledge.

His followers tend to search for ancient knowledge to make sure all of the world’s history is documented.

He is in direct opposition to Mahdis, Lord of secrets. There have been times where he has been in opposition to Praemark, and Randall, more finding the two annoying.

Emos, god of Time and History

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