Raelon.pngCurrent Ruler: Sovereign Cornelias III Montcrix (90 years old, with 7 children [4 living, 3 dead])
Capital: Domus
Population: 1,000,000. Humans 80%, Halfling 3%, Elves 4%, Dwarfs 3%, Other 10%

Law and Order: The general level of law is high across the kingdom. However examples of corruption have been found on every level of society. Punishments are harsh if you actually are arrested. Every village is usually left to the Barons to be govern.

Religion: Raelon has freedom of religion. The Royal family worships Nydra goddess of of hope, yet do not attend services. The more popular deities are Hidum (god of dawn), Nydra, Ibros (god of science), and Izmus (god of life and death).

Traditions: Family tends to be very important the Raelonic homes. Sometimes several generations living under one roof. It is actually law that the son is not suppose to go against the father’s wishes. (Although it is not enforced) The father would even have dominion of grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Triumphs are a special type of parade made for high ranking officials (Usually military). It is almost religious act.

Culture: Raelon is a society that is surprisingly forward thinking. They value military honor and tradition. The tend to enjoy a variety of forms of entertainment. They are an industrious people, yet the other nations consider them rash. Raelon has a complicated history. Every major conflict (with only a few exceptions) Raelon has been involved.

History: During the years of colonization the Humans were one of the last races to arrive and founded the Kingdom of Raelon. Much of the earliest history has been lost. It has a long standing animosity with Plutoria. Many times the Raelonic army has tried to take various territories from the Empire, but to little avail.

Military: The army is a solid fighting force and has one of the largest in of all the nations. Officers come from noble families that pass the training and schools. The heavy infantry is supposedly the best in all of Gromlin. The symbol of the army is the face of a lion.

Eastern Raelon
Western Raelon
Burnished Woods

Major Cities

Current Alliances, Treaties, and Projects
Currently has a defensive alliance with Selwen
Has trade agreements with Mirathis, Selwen, and Phoviel.
Has a non-aggression pact with Phoviel.

Currently focusing on increasing the nations wealth.
Has sent a few ships to explore some of the seas in search for some their older nations

Major Figures
Sovereign Cornelias III Montcrix
Prince Marcus Montcrix
Archduke Augustus the Pious
Archduke Lucius Montcrix
Prince Severus the Devious
General Madeleine Bossuet
Lord John Mauberry


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