Praemark, god of Magic

Often seen as a man dressed in fine clothing with arcane glyphs in the cuffs, and cloak. Some think he is an aristocratic intellectual, while others a wise old wizard.

Praemark and his followers are dedicated to the study and advancement of the art. The are many universities that follow his methods of teaching, each one dedicated to a different school of magic. There they hone their skills, perfecting the art of arcana, hoping to match his skill in just one of the schools.

Many believe that Mahdis was once an apprentice of Praemark. Mahdis sought to learn more of the more dangerous magic of Necromancy, which Praemark, forbade. Praemark believed that Necromancy was too dangerous for his pupil to handle. What transpired next is contested by many scholars, but the majority believe Praemark locked many of his spellbooks away in Emos’ library. Mahdis broke into the library and stole as many books as he could. Ever since the two have been at odds.

Legends tell that each of the major schools holds one of Praemark’s Legendary spellbooks. Those that survive reading the pages are named masters of the art and headmaster of their individual school.

He is in direct opposition to Mahdis, and is not a friend to Randall or Izmus.

Praemark, god of Magic

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