Greater Deity Alignment Domain Symbol
Emos, god of Time and History LN Knowledge Infinity
Ether, goddess of Prophecy and fates LN Knowledge A Glowing Star
Hidum, god of the Dawn, and Honor LG Light A Sun Rising over a Hill
Ibros, god of Science, Medicine, Arts, and Progress NG Knowledge, Life, Forge A Bubbling Beaker
Mahdis, god of undeath, Secrets, and Dark magic NE Arcana, Death A Skeletal Hand Reaching Up
Nydra, goddess of Hope, Love, and Society CG Light, Life A Cityscape
Jophion, goddess of Nature, Beasts, and the Hunt N Nature A Silhouette of a Large Tree
Telo, god of the Seas, Rivers, and Storms CN Nature, Tempest A Seascape
Pugphy, goddess of Vengeance LE Death, Trickery A Pyre
Izmus, god of Life and Death LN Life, Death, Grave A lone silhouette on a hill
Rubicon, god of War, Destruction, and Ambition CE War A Bloody Sword
Praemark, god of Magic LN Arcana Two crossed Wands
Odes, god of Law and Judgement LN Light, Knowledge Scales
Randall, god of Luck, Chance, Commerce, and Gambling CN Trickery A Dice
Cebrella, goddess of Creation, Birth, and Life LG Light, Life A Blooming Flower
Lesser Deities Alignment Domain Symbol
Muse NG Knowledge Two crossed trumpets
Clarity NG Light A beam of light
Inspiration LG Knowledge A open book
Aracnia LE Vengeance A Spider
Scorpious NE War, Vengeance A Scorpion
Dissent LN Vengeance, Knowledge
The Elder CE Knowledge, Death, Arcana, Tempest, Trickery Tenticals reaching up
Yisaris LE Arcana, Death, Trickery, A Coiled Snake
Shardfell LG Arcana, Knowledge, Light The upper half of a dragon
Imry LE Arcana, War, Trickery A Dragon Head
Kreegore N Knowledge, War, Arcana A helm with bent down horns
Other Entities Archdevils Demon Lords
Nautilus The Lost Lord of Hell Lermara, The Plague Queen
The Pirate Lord Meanith, Commander of the Legion Fitosik, lord of swarms
Fear Wulger, Keeper of the Damned Quegoth, the festering worm
Terror Legate, The Deal Maker Thestus, the carnal prince
Strife Zekkaric Baron of Blasphemy Pluklock, demon prince of slime
Anguish Polmog, Countess of Corruption Yugermoth, the First Gnoll
The Reapers Gormond Duke of greed Demoth, lady of decay
The Counsels Mazikine, Lady of Lacerations Reklomick, the traitor king
The Master of Ceremonies Prince Romavic the Prideful Bellumat, queen of discord and madness
The Observers Malphius, King of Hell Sawady, the dust lord

The Darkness

The darkness is not a god, it is not prayed to or worshiped. It is viewed as a place, a creature, and a force. It is nothing and all consuming. It spreads like a cancer or a wildfire. It is viewed as worse than the nine hells or the abyss. The absence of everything.
It is also known as The Void, Nothingness, The Shadows,

There are many other gods and beings throughout Gromlin who are worshipped; such as the elven god of nobility, Kesbris, or the Orc god of war, Okono; but to list all of the gods would take so much time that even Emos, would not bother to take the time.


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