plutoria.pngCurrent Ruler: “The Emperor”
Capital: Imperial Palace
Population: Unknown; mostly Aberrations, Monstrosity, and Undead

Law and Order: The laws of Plutoria are known to be strict. Death penalty is used for a majority of the crimes. Despite this (or because of it) crime level is very low. Law is enforced by an Undead Marshal placed in every major city. Patrols are more frequent the deeper into the Empire you go.
No one is above the law in Plutoria. The Imperial code forbade privileges based on birth, allowed freedom of religion, and specified that government jobs should go to the most qualified.

Religion: There is no official religion of the Empire yet certain deities are more popular. Izmus (god of life) tends to be worshiped along Mahdis (god of undeath) more than most.

Traditions: Life is cherished as well as undeath. Burial ceremonies and resurrections tend to be grandiose. Heroes of the Empire are normal immortalized with a bust after their permanent death in the Imperial Palace. Among those that hold any sort of authority, etiquette is almost an unwritten law. What officials and military officers are encountered are usually described a cold, but well mannered.

Culture: The denizens of Plutoria are typically somber. Their sense of humor tends to be dark and dry. They tend to hold the Empire in very high regard and the Emperor even more. They are strict and a militaristic people. Rumor has it that their ruling class is based on merit rather than any sort of privilege. Most of the citizens are very secretive when it comes to Plutoria. The nation tends to prefer to reclusive.

History: Plutoria’s roots reach back before the colonization. Much of the early history is either lost or closely guard. All that is know it that their Emperor has been their ruler since the beginning. All of Gromlin use to be under his control. They have had to fight for survival on many occasions, and even a few times tried to retake lost territory. Over the centuries they allowed more races to settle in their land, such as the Drow and the Duergar. This led to the creation of a few minor nations that became protectorates of Plutoria, Epheryn and Gitimoore. They have become even more isolationists in the past century.

Military: The Imperial army and Navy is mysterious to say the least. A war has not been raged with plutoria in a little more than a century, so their full capabilities and numbers are unknown. What is known is that is deadly. Undead tends to make up the majority of the military forces. The ancient alliance with the chromatic dragons make them even more of a dangerous foe.

Darken Wood
Pyric Fields
Kess Mire
The Frostbitten Tundra
The Restless Sea
The Reapers Shoals
Isle of Geist

Major Cities
Imperial Palace
The Inferno

Current Alliances, Treaties, and Projects
Both Gittimoore and Epheryn are protectorates of the Empire.
Has a non-aggression pact with Leagalla and Phoviel.

Major Figures
The Emperor
Admiral James Grim
Grand Viser Taithleach
Sundereth the Ashen King
Proconsul Sebastion Musgrave
Proconsul Braylin Enders


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