Raelon – The Kingdom of Raelon is the most populated and largest nation on Gromlin. A nation, predominately human, stands as the central power of the realms. The Kingdom is in a dangerous time, the old king lies debilitated with corrupt sons fighting for power, corrupt officials a constant fear and growing paranoia of neighboring nations.

Phoviel – Situated in the heavily wooded lands in the northwest of Gromlin, Phoviel is a collection of city-states, druidic tribes, and nomadic tribes that roam the forests. The most isolationist of the Kingdoms, Phoviel struggles to maintain ties to the outside world.

Selwen – Selwen is a nation of wealth and magic. Populated by ‘High Elves’, the people of the Sultanate are some of the most educated and gifted in the arcane arts. More recently the have delved more into their religious past, causing many of the less pious to become nervous.

Leagalla – A land of little formal government, Leagalla represents a type of freedom for many people. However its strong connection to the Fey Wilds presents a type of danger that both entices and repels many from its enchanted lands.

Mirathis – The United Clans of the Kingdom of Mirathis, represents the culmination of the various dwarven clans of the Underdark. Untied in their distrust of their distant cousins of Gittimoore, the clans struggle to gain the favor of the High King.

Plutoria – The Empire of Plutoria is the oldest nation on Gromlin. With out a doubt the most mysterious and dangerous nation. It’s populace being an assortment of monsters, dragons, and undead instills fear all across the realms.

Gittimoore – A nation under born from civil war, Gittimoore formed from the remnants of the Grey dwarfs clans. Now loyal members of the Empire, they act with great pride for their adopted Emperor. Yet still seek to settle and The Oldest Grudge.

Epheryn – The nation of dark elves, Epheryn is mistrusted by all, including their new Emperor. They seek to restore the power they once knew long ago, by any many necessary even if it means angering their new governors.


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