Tales of Gromlin

Ogres and the Oni
After saving a village from a band of Ogres, the Reckless Gentlemen find they may be in over their heads... again

As the The Reckless Gentlemen was exploring a ruin tower. Searching for antiques and lore to sell. As they explored they heard screaming coming through the wood. A pair of villagers rushed into them, yelling that their village was under attack by ogres. Alphons immediately rushed through woods and found a village burning. Alphons engaged the ogres while Flarr and Chrisoff rescued the villagers.

They escorted the villagers to the nearest town where they discovered that the whole region was bright raided. Hundreds were misplaced into this town. The city watch was severely undermanned, led by Simeon Shrinks who had been nicknamed by the town “shrinks away”. The refugees were becoming a problem and a local merchant Martin Soleck who insisted that the problem be dealt with immediately. And to make matters worse the was a murder in town.

The “Gentlemen” meet a dwarf trader who was stuck in this town because of Ogres were amassing in large number and looting nearby villages. He informed them of the cities problems and that members of the Monstercry guild to help deal with the problem. Meanwhile the young girl that was rescued claimed to have seen her father outside the window asking her to come with him, yet when Christoff searched he found nothing. They also learned of a mysterious figure killing the Ogres in the woods.

When they went back to retrieve their gear, they encountered dead orges who seemed to have been killed by this mysterious figure. They tried to find Gallean Dae but he kept evading them.

Alphons began to help the citizens of the town however possible, yet dealt with fear from the refugees and anger from the locals. Flarr tried to help the mayor and bring the nobles into line with little help, with Soleck rabble rousing among the refugees to get them out of his town and attack the ogres. Christoff tried to help Shrinks to train the guard and search for this murder.

One night, Christoff and Alphons cam across a blood scene. They chased a figure of through the town and discover it to be an Oni. Alphons went into a rage as he remembered the same monster slaughtering his family. Try as they might though, the Oni escaped.

Flarr believing that Soleck was walking into this Blodarkarick hands tried to convince him to stop what he was trying with the refugees. When Soleck was unmoved by this, Flarr took drastic action. Flarr used his magic to creep into Soleck’s home and killed him in his sleep.

This however did not stop the refugees, especially after the Monstercry refused to help. The reckless gentleman aided in the fight as best they could but each fell. Galleon was able to rescue Alphons, Flarr fled using his magic, and Christoff was saved by the dwarf trader. Alphonse made a small prayer to Chaelee Daegon seeking help, she said that galleon could if his mind is restored.

When each group returned to town, they found it being over run by the ogres. Searching the each made their way through the city and discovered where the rest of the city was hiding. It was at this time that the dwarf trader dropped his illusion to reveal himself as the Oni, Blodarkarick.

After a rough fight against the Oni and the Ogres Alphons was about to strike him down, when the reckless gentleman discovered themselves in a more wooded town. Walking forth was Lamia the Hag Queen, she offed them a deal. She will take the remainder of the ogres out of the city and save the town. Alphonse, dropped his weapon and said no. He would not make a deal, but told her to take this minion and the rest of the army to leave. Lamia smiled and accepted this bargain. When they returned, the ogres were gone. The town was saved.

No one Expects the Inquisition
Flarr takes his friends to the capital of Selwen for a celebration

Here is a summary of the 2nd story arc of the campaign.

While at the West Rider Inn, Flarr En’Shae recieved am invitaion from his families matriarch Amalia En’Shae to attend the queen of Selwen’s Jubilee. The reckless gentlemen convinced Relton to transport them to Landalin, in the hopes of possibly getting a pardon and meeting an old flame.

Sailing there they found a city in celebration, but a cold welcome when they went to meet the En’Shae family. As the party discovered, Amalia had invite Flarr in a hope to bring some embarrassment to Flarr’s father, Lior En’Shae. Flarr happily greeted Yesrel and reminisced over past troubles they got into. Yesrel, told Flarr about some of the changes in the realm. Most distressing to Flarr was the fact that the Order of Light has gotten stronger and had more influence. He also told them that later on he had to greet the Raelonic ambassador, but for now he wanted to go out and have a bit of fun.

They decided to spend time in the city and went to one of the many spas for the wealthy. While out they meet Marshal Rayesin Kelcyne, who immediately took a liking to the group, who in turn took a liking to him and made him and honorary Reckless Gentleman. He asked the group to join them at a royal ball that he had to attend and meet the various diplomats. Which reminded Yesrel that he had a task to complete. The party went out but was first greeted by the Plutorian diplomat, the illithid Krowan. A bit disturbed by the first encounter, they were more than happy to return to the festivities after meeting with the Raelonic diplomat.

At the party they meet many of the dignitaries from all over Gromlin. After enjoying themselves for the night Flarr finally ran into his father, who was shocked to see his son back in Selwen. After a heated talk, Falrr began to make an exit when Queen Verlin Katar. After a few more minutes of conversations with the various delegates, the group was asked to meet privately with Valrel Sybella. She meet them in the grand cathedral in Landalin. Her mood was dower and she was preoccupied. She told them she had seen her own death. She then proceeded to tell the fortune of Flarr and Alphons. She warned of a dangerous war approaching.

The next day, during the jubilee, as the queen made her way to the cathedral to the there was a commotion near the cathedral. While everyone foucused on protecting the Queen, the reckless gentlemen rushed forward to see what is happening inside the cathedral. The players found Valrel fleeing from some invisible force. After a dangerous fight in the bell tower, the city guard rushed and found the players over the dead body of Valrel. The reckless gentleman were arrested.

Deep in the bowls of the Order of Lights sanctum the reckless gentleman was interrogated and even tortured. Walxis Gallis sought to draw out a confession but was unsuccessful. The reckless gentleman were freed when Helana and Captain Relton and his crew broke into the prison. Flarr refused to leave, and sought information inside the sanctum.

While carefully maneuvering around the city the players discovered that many of the high ranking military officers have either been killed or were removed from command. Slowly the marshal was a massing and moving forces to attack plutoria. The order of light was assisting them. After they discovered body of Yesrel they new the high eves were being manipulated into a war to distablize the region. Using the new flying warships, the marshal was going to attempt to sail over the ghostly mountains and attack the Imperial capital before any counter could be formulated.

The Reckless Gentleman sought to expose this and stop the Marshal. They allied with Captain Talbot and took the first of the warships. With Relton’s help they caught up with the other two ships. They engaged the marshal and his men while crossing over the mountains. During the fight Gallis was transformed into a rakshasa. They threw him from the ship and upon realizing the marshal surrendered.

As things calmed down they sailed back to the capital. The queen thanked them all and rewarded them. The marshal was stripped of his rank but was made a advisor to the queen.

The Story Begins
A summary of the first story arc that brought the adventurers together.

Here is a summary of the first story arch for the campaign.

Alphonse and Flarr En’Shae traveled to Holmfirth in hopes of selling a few trinkets from and archeological dig and a chance for more jobs. They booked a room at The Reckless Gentleman inn, ran by Videl Wakeman. Christoff Redfield and Helana met on they way where eventually met up with the rest of the adventurers.

Over the course of the next few weeks they had variety of adventures: dealing with lose animals, participating in gladiatorial matches, traveling to a ruined prison for Asterbaun Rane, even saving Jayden von Aldwin. Sir Christoff joined the local city watch under Tobias Pearlton, after proving himself to the rest of the city council. They also managed to save Relton’s daughter from a deal with a hag.

Over the course of these adventures, the party discovered a growing problem within the city. A thieves guild had popped up and joined with a cult. After several deadly encounters with both organizations, the reckless gentleman investigated more about them. They sought information from both Rane and Oogle. With Rane and Tobias’ help they located the thieves den, West Rider Inn. While the party ventured out to deal with them, Oogle sought more information from an old friend on the cult. While the party was at West Rider Inn the cult betrayed the thieves guild, sending fiends to slaughter everyone in the inn. The party successfully cleared out the inn and discovered several heretical writings which they turned over to Oogle. After being cleared they called a meeting with the counsel of Holmfirth, there they presented what they had found about the cult and expressed their fear that they were summoning more fiends underneath the city. Around this time Oogle said he had found more information on the cult, or to be more precise his friend did. Taithleach appeared and gave them information on the cult, what their plans were and even what types of devils and daemons were among them. After much discussion it was decided that they must press into the sewers to eliminate this cult and stop them from summoning more fiends. Each counsel member offered their support and assistance.

The Reckless Gentleman and their allies delved deep into the sewers to root out this evil cult. They all entered from various points to try and take them by surprise, but the cult was ready for them.The Reckless Gentleman were separated from the rest before encountering an unlikely ally, a nothic named Olec. He revealed to the company that the cult had betrayed him and had been holding him prisoner. He offered his aide to help them in exchange for returning to Plutoria. He then led them through the labyrinthian sewers to where the fiends were being summoned. The adventurers continued into that room where they encountered a spiked devil that was summoning more of his kind with the help of a mysterious orb. The party fought and eventually slew him stopping the incursion. They took the orb and gave it to Tobias who in turn handed it over to Rane. They were then gifted the West Rider Inn.


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