Jayden von Aldwin

A priest of Emos


A former adventurer, Jayden has survived through many perilous quests. Now that he has aged, his body bares the signs of his endeavors, scars and more.


In his youth Jayden left home in search for adventure, which he found a lot of. After years of this, he decided to focus more on his religion, devoting himself to Emos the God of time. He moved to Holmfirth where he was able to become the head of the church there. He left to search for an artifact of Emos called The Sands of the Past.

After a long journey he found it and returned home. Unfortunately for him due to changes that had occurred in the city, he was attacked on the road. He would have been killed if it were not for the intervention of Alphonse and Christoff Redfield. Sadly though the artifact was lost.

He aided the Reckless Gentlemen when possible. When the time came to delve into the sewers to purge the cult that had began to summon fiends, Jayden was the first to volunteer his aid to the group.

Jayden von Aldwin

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