Flarr En'Shae


Home City – Shiraz: House En’Shae of course has property in the capitol Landalin, but it’s seat of power is in Shiraz. Shiraz is located in southeastern Selwen, in the center of the country’s agricultural heartland. The city is not under the En’Shae’s control, as several powerful houses also have influence there. Much like Holmforth, Shiraz boasts large and varied bazaars full of exotic and expensive goods. The city itself is adorned in bewildering tiled mosaics and stained glass windows and domed roofs of exquisite workmanship. The wealth of the city is trade, and the En’Shae family is heavily invested in that trade.

Family: The En’Shae family is a fractious brood. Flar is the fourth child of Lior En’Shae, by his third wife – Felune. Selwen elves do marry for life in some cases – especially elves of lower classes. But elven longevity and fertility being what they are, monogamous relationships for nobility are often the exception rather than the rule. For nobles, marriage is understood to be an opportunity to ally house interests, and see if mutually beneficial offspring can result. That a nobleman or woman can attract a large number of mates and maintain them properly in a Seraglio is an important symbol of both political power and wealth. Marriages that fail to produce children often end quickly (by elven standards at least) while concubines that produce children can often win power and prestige by being married. However, even marriages that bear fruit often fade once those children reach maturity. Selwen bards do sing of eternal love, but Selwen courtiers begin to gossip once a marriage enters into its second century. Often such longevity is a sign that there is a severe power imbalance in the relationship, and wagging tongues say that someone stuck in such a relationship must really be more of a concubine than a valued wife or husband.

Lior is not head of the En’Shae family. He is the younger brother of the current family matriarch Amalia. Relations between each half of the family are generally good. Their family has large holdings outside the city, and the base of its wealth is in agriculture and trade. House En’Shae has longstanding contracts with the Fourthstone Clan of Dwarves to provide grain to the underground kingdoms. Trade with the dwarves brings a wealth of fine things to the En’Shae, as well as shipments of raw metals.

Friends: Flar grew up relatively isolated in his father’s Seraglio. His closest friends were his tutors, the household servants, and his father’s cleric – Nalior Im‘Meborh. As he grew older, Flar was given opportunities to mix with the other En’Shae children, and learn about the business of his house. Flar may not seem all that devout, but Nalior’s lessons regarding the rights and duties of nobility affected him deeply. Flar might be an arrogant ass, but he believes that every person has a role to play in their station. He wants to be an asset to his family, even if he’s not exactly doing that great at it at the moment.

Flar is also friendly with one of his cousins – a young elf named Yesrel. Yesrel and Flar got into all kinds of trouble together in Shiraz.

Enemies: Flar’s dream was to be accepted for training under one of Selwen’s elite bladesingers. Bladesinging is an ancient Selwen art, and a highly elite brotherhood within Selwen’s military. With his mother’s and father’s support, Flar began his preliminary studies alongside his cousin Alia En’Shae, daughter and heir apparent of Lady Amalia – the leader of house En’Shae.

Flar isn’t sure why Alia hates him, but he does know that she is the reason he left Selwen. Alia falsely accused Flar of making advances on her, and made those accusations to both her mother and Flar’s father. Flar’s reputation for not being able to keep it in his pants didn’t help him at all in the face of that accusation. Rather than risk strife between the two halves of House En’Shae, it was decided that it would be better if Flar was informally asked to leave Shiraz, and to just keep walking. He has done so, but now has committed himself to proving that he can be an asset to his house. He will return one day, but on his own terms and with something to show for his long absence.

Flarr En'Shae

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