Asterbaun Rane

Arcana Expert


Pale, slim, and tall. Rane is a surprising young human. He is a very formal individual, always dressed in fine robes of black silk. He has grey eyes and light blond hair. He has an aristocratic manner and is highly intelligent.


Rane is the leading expert in the arcane in Holmfirth. He is not exactly the most trusted individual, yet he is certainly respected. After creating a shop for the arcane in the city, his reputation and influence grew. It did not take long before he became the leading merchant of the mysterious and mystical. Not long after that he was appointed to become a city council member.

He in general is not an open individual, so his past is not well known. What is known is that he is a well trained necromancer from Plutoria. He is often the subject of rumors when it comes to his past. He has earn the respect of several other members o the council, but continues to keep his distance.

One of his shop keepers is his father who he, at some point, raised from the dead.

The Reckless Gentleman meet with him and completed a errand for him, when they first entered Holmfirth. He agreed to help Helana to learn a few magic tricks, and gain a strange respect from Christoff Redfield. The adventurers learned that long ago, Rane studied under the dreaded Taithleech.

After there encounter in the sewers, the party feared giving him the Orb and instead trusted it to Tobias Pearlton, but after discussing it Tobias gave it over to Rane for safe keeping.

Asterbaun Rane

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