Tales of Gromlin

A Green Plantation

Part 1

It had been three months since the Ogres at Everton was defeated. Alphonse left to Greenvile to aid in the farming there, Christoff began to make his way back to sleek watch but was forced back to Westrider, Helena busied herself with hunting and training her new spiders, while Flarr sought a companion in the arcane arts and focused on rebuilding the new tower he claimed.

As Caudecus made his way to Westrider after being recommended by Asterbaun Rane to join Flarr in his research and studies, he began to realize that this was indeed a bizarre group. As the skeletal sorcerer introduced himself to the staff, Flarr aproached and expressed his excitement to have some one to study the arcane with him, but was initially taken back by the unusual new companion. After meeting the rest of the group, Christoff arrived with a letter from Alphonse which was written in halfing. Thankfully Caudecus was able to translate the to the party, which he also noticed a secret message asking for help. Kobolds had taken over the town. They immediately decided to take off to Greenville to help their friend.

During their journey they had a few encounters on the road, first with the a group of guards who were suspicious of the strange adventuring party. Days later, while camping they discovered a small group gobliniods who seemed to be running from a raiding band and heading to Holmfirth for a type of asylum. Christoff was suspicious of the group, but determined they were indeed telling the truth and let them on their way. Heading south now they encountered a second group of gobliniods who were in search of the first group. Caudecus tried to lead the individuals away but did not succeed in his deception. After a small fight the goblin leader fled into the forest.

The party decided to stay in Slygrasp for a night as they continued their long journey to Greenville. Helena claimed discrimination as the town did not allow her to stable her Steeder in the town. The party decided to ask questions around town about anything going on in Greenville, but discovered everything seemed normal. Food shipments were still coming in, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. However, Helena realized she was being watched by some of the criminal element. This sparked some curiosity in the group, and after interrogating some of the local riffraff, they discovered that a few drow were spotted around town and were now asking questions about Helena. Upon further investigation, they discovered members of the Shroud were operating in town working for some sort party from Sleekwatch. After a small confrontation with a few of the Shroud’s members, they discovered that an individual known as “The Demon” was looking for Helena after she failed to report back. They question these individuals but discovered they had no connection or knowledge of anything in Greenville. Deciding it was time to leave, the party made their way back to help Alphonse.

As they neared one the villages of Greenville, the one Alphonse was supposed to be at, they were assailed by four winged kobolds who seemed to be patrolling the town. After making quick work of these creatures, the party was approached by a frantic looking noble. Introducing himself as Gideon Montgomery, the local baron. He asked if they were the friends of Alphonse, and then lead them away from the battle scene before more arrived. However Flarr, who was invisible, remained for a moment and overheard the conversation between these creatures. They spoke of a half-dragon named Coalclaw, and joked about beating Alphonse.

Upon retreating to Gideon’s plantation home hey learn that two half-dragons with a army of Kobolds have enslaved the town. The old silver dragon who use to live in the area had disappeared many months ago. Alphonse tried to fight back, but was sadly outmatched by the half-dragons. Now the kobolds are were beating the citizens and working them to death, and profiting from the endeavor. While investigating the manor for any types of clues, Coalclaw and Slilentrage arrived, they party quickly hid. Overhearing the conversation, they listen as Coalclaw informed Gideon that they found a few of his men killed and he would make the town pay, and Gideon was required to attend.


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